Setting An Intention With Your Children

Setting an intention for your children is a wonderful way for both parents to become aligned with regards to vision, hopes and dreams for their kids. Set an intention for your children by yourself first. Really focus in on what you want for your children and write these thoughts down in a journal. What type of life do you want them to live? How do you want them to feel, in general and also specifically when they see both of their parents in the same room together? You both are forming your children’s thoughts and beliefs regarding relationships, respect, kindness, and parenting. What belief systems do you want your children to create in their beautiful minds?

Once this exercise is completed, schedule a time to connect with your co-parent so you can each share the intentions you have set for your children.

This is a fantastic way for you both to become aligned in your co-parenting relationship. Both parents will have their expectations managed, and both will make choices moving forward that are supportive of ensuring that the intentions set for your children are actualized.

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