Meet Jen

About Me

Jen Mitchell is a family law mediator, life coach, attorney, author, speaker, and the creator of Solace Divorce Mediation. Jen’s mission is to transform the social stigma of divorce from a low level energy experience, to a powerfully transformational high level energy experience. 

Solace’s dissolution and separation processes, created by Jen, are revolutionizing the practice of family law, and drastically changing people's experiences with family law conflict from one of destruction to one of compassion, care, empowerment, and tremendous growth.

Jen earned her undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin – Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science in 1999. After graduation she traveled for four years, living in different countries and experiencing different cultures and people. Jen then earned her Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law in 2006.

After litigating for nine years, and having three small children of her own, Jen experienced an awakening, where she realized that her role in the courtroom, as a zealous advocate for one party of a divorce or separation, was not only destroying people and families, but was also severely harming children in the process. Jen made the immediate decision to end her litigation career and focus solely on mediation and life coaching as a method for family law conflict resolution.

Jen understands that divorce and separation is not just about the couple; as it affects the couple’s children, extended families, circles of friends, colleagues, and every other person in connection with them throughout the process. Jen wholeheartedly provides her clients with the love, resources, tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to learn, heal, and grow through their family law conflict.