Our Process

The Solace Divorce Mediation Process will help you emotionally process and reframe your divorce through mediation and life coaching in order to keep you out of the courtroom.

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The Solace Divorce Mediation Process utilizes mediation to keep you out of the courtroom, and incorporates life coaching to help you shift your experience to one of learning, healing, empowerment, and tremendous growth.

The gift of receiving the skills, resources, and tools necessary to assist you positively on your journey provides a solid foundation for couples to work from. One of the most efficient tools used to shift how we think about or perceive our experiences is ‘reframing' them. Reframing is not meant to trivialize your experience, but rather, it enables you to look at your experiences through a different lens. For example, think of a point in your past when you really did the work to get through a tough time; coming out much stronger, wiser, and more aligned with your life purpose. When you look back, you may even feel grateful for that time in your life, because if ‘X’ didn’t happen, you would never would have changed direction and done ‘Y’, consequently missing out on so many wonderful life moments.

Reframing your divorce as simply a series of choices from start to finish. In this process, you'll reframe each choice as part of your commitment to shift the manner in which you are defining your divorce.

Reframing your divorce as something you were meant to go through during your lifetime and embracing that where you are right now is the exact place you are supposed to be in your life’s journey is a powerful way to positively shift the way you view and feel about your experiences. People have come and gone throughout your journey. Many help guide you to your next turn of the journey, and your spouse is no different. Possibly, they came into your life to help teach you life lessons only they could facilitate, and provide you with the gifts of your children that only they could give.

Choosing to consciously shift into a higher-level energy frequency creates a transformational, powerful, and loving divorce journey.

Solace Divorce Mediation guides our clients through their family law conflict journey in an empowering and self-enlightening manner, enabling them to fully emotionally process their conflict while becoming crystal clear on the life they want to life post-conflict, and how they are going to make a positive impact in this world!