When you are going through the divorce or separation process, one of the biggest shifts you can make is when you fully understand that it is a choice how your child is going to be affected by the dissolution or separation. It is a choice made by both parents, together and separately. Children are energetic beings, just as everything and everyone else in our environment. They will follow your words, actions and energy. If you and your co-parent choose to be on the same page with regards to your narrative shared with your child, and goals for your child and your co-parenting relationship, you will be able to communicate and share a positive, loving and exciting transition from your pre-dissolution or separation family to your post-post-dissolution or separation family.

It is always a choice, and you (and only you) are in complete control of the choices you make in your life. Make the conscious choice to have a fabulous co-parenting relationship with your ex for the benefit of your child, you and your co-parent. It’s just as easy as making a choice to have a terrible relationship with your co-parent and to fight and speak badly about the other parent in front of your child. The main difference is the first choice is high energy and makes your child and both parents feel good, and the second choice makes everyone feel bad, sad and stuck in a low energy environment. Choose high energy! Choose a supportive co-parenting relationship! Choose to teach your child the meaning and importance of respect, kindness, parenting, and love through your actions, words and energy!

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