Changing the Narrative Regarding Significant Others

Significant others can cause severe damage to a co-parenting relationship if not handled in a respectful, mindful and kind manner. Many times these individuals are seen in a negative light, as threats or as people trying to take over the parent’s role. A shift in the way we view significant others can create a strong and loving co-parenting relationship that is focused on your children. Life is meant to be lived, and love, light and energy received from a partner is one of the most beautiful gifts of the experience. When a significant other comes into your co-parenting relationship, it is important to help manage the expectations of all parties involved – the parents, the children, and the significant other; thus enabling everyone to know their role and lane. The parents are the ones making the decisions regarding the children, and creating discipline rules and a parenting plan that works for their family. The significant other is there to help the parents execute the decisions, and are also there to provide love and support to the co-parent and the children. The children are there to enjoy their lives and grow up in a healthy, happy, all-inclusive, and ever-expanding co-parenting family. Significant others can be huge blessings to a co-parenting relationship. They are making your fellow co-parent happy, and a happy co-parent is significantly easier to work with than an unhappy co-parent; and they are providing love and support to your children, and the more love and support given to our children the better!

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