Consistent Messaging

It can be extremely uncomfortable to be surrounded by your in-laws or shared friends during the holidays when you are going through a divorce. An empowering way to approach the holidays is to create a consistent narrative that you and your spouse will share with family and friends prior to spending time with them for the holidays.

The narrative can be as simple as the decision was made by both of you, that you both are in agreement that this is the best thing for you to do right now and that you are choosing to continually make the high-level energy choices. You are choosing to look at your divorce as an opportunity to heal, grow, learn, and move you forward towards your life purpose. You are choosing to use this divorce as a catalyst for positive change in all areas of your life, and to use it as an opportunity to grow as a person, parent and community member. You are choosing to look at it as a life lesson to learn more about your self and what positive impact you want to make in this lifetime and to get you more aligned with expressing your life purpose, which will provide love and service to the World.