Best Gift Ever

We are in the midst of the holiday season. I hope you are all remembering to breathe and center yourself during this busy time. Parents going through the divorce or separation process may be having difficulty with the gift buying for their children. It can turn into a kind of competitive game, and can be very harmful to your children and to your co-parenting relationship.

Instead of looking at buying gifts for your children as a game, where you have to get the BEST GIFT EVER, try to look at it as an opportunity to strengthen your co-parenting relationship and really work together to make the holidays enjoyable and special for your children. Use this time to work together to create a gift list and delegate which one of you will get which gift. There is no need to separate yourself from your co-parent by making them feel inadequate or sad. The holidays are a time to bring families closer together, not drive them further apart. Step back from the situation and look at the bigger picture of your life and the type of co-parenting relationship you want to have. The sooner you two start to work together, the more peace, happiness, and love you will have in your life.

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