Are you facing family law conflict?

Solace Divorce Mediation offers clients the ability to learn, heal, and grow
through their family law conflict while keeping them out of the courtroom.

Self Care + Self Love + Gratitude + Choice = Growth, Clarity & Extraordinary Living

At Solace, we believe that every marriage and relationship has a lifespan. Sometimes this lifespan extends throughout a lifetime, and other times this lifespan ends earlier than anticipated.

The loss of romantic energy and a breakdown of the communication in a relationship can cause strong feelings of disappointment, resentment, and sadness. This experience can be extremely lonely, and fraught with fear and anxiety.

Solace provides a compassionate and loving environment to resolve your family law conflicts. We provide our clients with the skills, resources, and tools necessary to emotionally process the conflict and move forward to live their lives fully and on their terms.

Solace is creating a culture of past and current clients who choose to reject the social stigma of divorce and separation. Divorce and separation does not need to destroy you financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is a choice, and you can choose to make the high level energy choice offered at Solace just as easily as you can make the low level energy choice to allow your conflict to harm and block you.

It is in the hardest times in life when we are presented with the largest opportunities to grow. Those are the times when we are confronted with the choice to really dig deep and learn about what we are made of and where we want to go next.

Solace shifts the lens through which our clients see their family law conflict. We use the conflict as a catalyst to change every area of life that is not bringing you joy, energy, and excitement, which enables our clients to figure out who they are, what they want, and how they are going to make a positive impact on this world!

Choose joy! Choose life! Choose YOU!